Measures of Excellence

A highly effective school results from a rigorous academic program in a culture of trust and high expectations, led by a visionary instructional leadership team and implemented by talented, dedicated teachers. At Imagine Schools we monitor and evaluate our school performance based on Measures of Excellence:

Academic Growth
Academic Growth defines our strong belief that students’ progress toward proficiency and beyond is the most accurate indicator both of a student’s and a school’s academic strength. It is imperative that every Imagine student develops the skills and habits for successful learning. Imagine educators, students, parents, and board members support and adhere to the Imagine Schools Academic Excellence Framework, which specifies increased rigor, focus, effectiveness, and accountability. This Framework includes an expectation that every student will reach or exceed grade level proficiency within three or fewer years while attending an Imagine School. Imagine educators design their instruction to empower each student to make significant academic progress that is both measured and celebrated.

Character Development
Character Development begins with Imagine teachers and staff teaching, modeling and integrating virtues into every aspect of the school curriculum and culture. Students learn to set academic and personal goals. They grow in their ability to successfully meet their goals as they practice integrity and diligence, while taking responsibility for their studies. Our focus on character helps students attain the virtuous habits needed to live fruitful, honorable lives.

Parent Choice
Parent Choice is a key indicator of Imagine Schools’ performance. Parents choose an Imagine school because the school provides the academic quality, character development, and nurturing environment they want for their children. Imagine Schools’ educators provide a positive learning environment by working closely with parents and guardians to fulfill a collaborative responsibility for the academic and personal growth of their children.

Economic Sustainability
Economic Sustainability means stewarding public funds to optimize our students’ educational outcomes. Imagine educators ensure, to the best of their ability, that our schools operate within their means and that all resources are used to benefit students’ education. Meeting our commitments to academic excellence, character development, and parent choice contributes to fully enrolled and economically sustainable schools.

School Development
School Development refers to Imagine Schools’ operational strength—improving each school and enhancing our ability to serve students with a rigorous, relevant education. We operate our schools with integrity, accountability, and a passion for academic excellence. Our schools provide safe, ethical, joyful cultures of learning where adults and students alike can thrive and grow.

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